Ek Onkar

Mool Mantra

The word ‘Ik’ in ‘Ik Onkar’ stands for ‘one’, while ‘on’ means ‘everything’ and ‘kar’ refers to the God who is the creator of everything. Put together, ‘Ik Onkar’ means there is only one creator who has created everything. The Sikh prayer, of which ‘Ik Onkar’ is a part of, is called the ‘Mool Mantra’.

God Created Everything

The Mool Mantra is the most important composition of the holy book of the Sikhs, ‘Guru Granth Sahib’. Ik Onkar is consistent with the Big Bang Theory in the fact that everything is One and God created everything. God gave ‘Akar’ (shape) to everything by making the sound ‘oann’ (On). Without God, there is nothing.


Upon enlightenment, Guru Nanak Dev first uttered the Mool Mantra. So, when one learns Gurbani (hymns in the Guru Granth Sahib), this is the first verse that the person is taught. All the concepts of Mool Mantra have been proven over many eras and are known to be flawless without any ambiguity.

Japji Sahib

In the opening paragraph of the “Japji Sahib” which is the Morning Prayer for the Sikhs. The rest of Japji Sahib is the elaboration of the Mool Mantra. It appears more than 100 times throughout the Guru Granth Sahib. Mool Mantra opens the gates for people who seek the truth within and them to the journey of introspection.

We Are All One

We are all a part of God, so we are all one. As god knows that everything is a part of oneself, we have nothing to fear and nothing to hate, just like we don’t fear or hate ourselves.

Divine Power

There is no power which matches God; there is no one like him. He is the only spiritual reality; he is the absolute truth. He is the divine power. He is the highest form of eternal bliss. He is unwavering throughout. He is the creator of everything, the entire universe. He is the entity through which everything originates.


God is the one who looks after everything that he created. This feeling of him being everything is captured in essence in the word ‘Onkaar’, and this is how God’s unique and immense, eternal existence can be described.


We live an enlightened life as a singular identity. Although we are alone, we should be happy to help other human beings. Doing so will give us positive karma.

Internal Peace

We should also not be fearful of anything unknown, including our own existence and lifespan. This can only be done by gaining awareness and knowledge and listening to the demands of our body. This, alone will give us real happiness and internal peace.

Sikh Faith

Mool Mantra is believed to be the killer of fate. When our fate is erased, we can live with our destiny. It encompasses the entire universally complex theology of the Sikh faith. It has all kinds of implications on human existence. It interprets the Supreme Power – God, in a truly humanitarian way so that everyone can understand and appreciate it.


Ik onkar There is only one God
Satnam His name is true
Karta purakh He is the creator
Nirbhau He has no fear
Nirvair He has no hate
Akaal moorat He is omnipresent
Ajooni saibhan Unborn and self-illuminating
Gurparsad By Guru’s grace, he is realized
Jap Meditate on his name
Aad sach He has been true since time began
Jugaad sach He has been true since ages
Hai bhi sach He is still true
Nanak hose bhi sach Guru Nanak says he will forever be true

Soche soch na ho wai By thinking you can’t frame him
Je sochi lakh waar Even though he may think many a times
Chhupe chhup na ho wai Even though one remains soaked in God
Je laai har lakhtaar He doesn’t obtain the peace of mind
Bhukhiya bhukh na utri A hungry person’s hunger doesn’t go
Je banna puriya paar Even after they attain the world
Sahasyanpa lakh woh hai Man may possess millions of wits
Ta ek na chale naal But none work for him before God
Ke ve sach yaara hoi aye How can we be true
Ke ve kude tutte paal How can the screen of lies be broken
Hukum rajai chalna Nanak likheya naal By obeying the orders of Guru Nanak

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh! Wonderful Lord’s khalsa, victory to the wonderful Lord!



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