Being Technology Geek,

Being Reader of several schools of thought on spirituality,

Being Wanderer of more than a few countries,

Being Learner of couple of cultures & traditions,

Being Naïve writer & avid reader,

Being Enthusiast music listener & player,

Being Follower of legacy of great educationalist,

Being trivial drop of Mammoth Ocean of humanity,

Just thought of connecting letters with heart of a child – (H)umanity….with  (T)echnology:

(H) umanity

 I – Integrity

 J – Justice

 K – Kindness

 L – Love

 M – Mercifulness

 N – Nobility

 O – Optimism

 P – Peace

 Q – Quemeful

 R – Reliance

 S – Smile

(T) echnology


~ Jagat Nirupam


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