Do not Erase these lines!

Do not erase these lines,
let them be..
My child
has drawn them,
with her little pink hands.
Curved & curly.

What if the lines
do not make any form?

In these lines
I see my child’s hands.
In these lines,
I see myself!

                                                                                 – Gulzar

I know
I am protected
because HIS arms cradle me.
I know
I walk the right path
because HIS little finger leads me.
HE dabbles with celluloid
so I know I can see,
I know I can write
because HIS ink flows in me.
I know I can
because HE believes,
I know I am
…because HE is..

– Meghna Gulzar



Make the ordinary come alive


“Do not ask your children
to strive for extraordinary lives.
Such striving may seem admirable,
but it is the way of foolishness.
Help them instead to find the wonder
and the marvel of an ordinary life.
Show them the joy of tasting
tomatoes, apples and pears.
Show them how to cry
when pets and people die.
Show them the infinite pleasure
in the touch of a hand.
And make the ordinary come alive for them.
The extraordinary will take care of itself.”

― William Martin, The Parent’s Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for Modern Parents


Journey from “Hello World” to “HCM World 2016”

Journey from “Hello World” to “HCM World 2016”
As it is said by Vernon Linwood Howard, (an American spiritual teacher, author, and philosopher) “Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.” Indeed, life is a journey of never ending learning and few folks from our team at KBACE Technologies, A Cognizant Company had privilege to participate in Oracle HCM World 2016- a conference held by Oracle at Hyatt Regency, Chicago, USA last month.
Journey of Thousand Miles begin with a single step: “Hello World”
Those who are from computer science background in their graduation or post-graduation would agree that the journey of writing first line of code (be it any programming language: C/C++/JAVA/VB/ASP) starts with “Hello World!” I’m sure most of you can recall this from the days from our “C Programming” Classes:
Well, my journey in the world of computer science had also started from that first step in first year of engineering class. As a student, I was introduced to Oracle as a part of subject i.e. Database Management Systems in my third semester.In those days, I and my batch mates were fascinated to learn about this gigantic yet so accurate system.Last few years into consulting industry with Oracle Products for different domains gave great insight and practical exposure to the concepts learned long back!
A Call for Paper Presentation!
One fine day morning, an email comes up to your mailbox which asks to submit paper abstract for an international event. With the guidance and kind suggestions from mentors and seniors from Organization, a paper abstract was submitted before time.
It was overwhelming moment to see yourself selected as a speaker along with some of the industry experts. It was joyous yet self-effacing feeling to see when efforts meet a long time anticipated opportunity!
       HCM_World2 HCM_World3
Presentation had focus on simplifying Human Resource Processes using cloud based technology infrastructure. This was supported by key references from different customers from different industries.
HCM World 2016 – An Event Overview!

People from all walks of HR, IT, finance, and leadership joined this event and shared their valuable inputs. This event was graced by presence and keynote speeches from well reputed personalities such as Mark Hurd (CEO, Oracle), Adam Grant & Peter Cappelli (Professor of Management,The Wharton School),Debbie Sterling(Founder & CEO, GoldieBlox) and many more.
[1] In her opening remarks, Cara Capretta from Oracle mentioned three core themes taken over people management practices today:
1. Engagement: a feeling symptomatic of an employee’s workplace and experiences; 2. Employee experience: the internal and external processes in which an employee engages to be productive and 3. Digital disruption: the transformation of HR brought on by the evolving needs of employee expectations.
[2] At the opening-night keynote, Peter Cappelli, professor of management at the Wharton School and director of Wharton’s Center of HR, addressed the historic love-hate relationship that business has had with HR going back to the 1930s.
“Over time, HR has become powerful, less powerful, and powerful again,” Cappelli said. HR today has an immediate opportunity to drop what’s not working; an example he referenced is the needless fixation on “millennials”. “What problem are we solving?” he asked. Instead, HR should refocus on strengthening its role in supporting strategic business activities, such as entering a new market, launching a new project, and restructuring.
[3] Mark Hurd in his keynote mentioned the irresistible force of the cloud—and, more importantly, Oracle’s own transformation in adopting cloud technology for similar challenges and talent opportunities. He further mentioned that HR is not an App – It’s a process with focus on continuous innovation. He further focused on simplification and fundamentals when it comes to Engagement, Enablement and Retention.
[4] Another inspiring story of questioning the norm was from keynote speaker Debbie Sterling, founder and CEO of Goldieblox, a toy company for young aspiring engineers that was brought to life by her unwavering pursuit of disrupting the “pink aisle.”
Other Key Highlights of Event:
1)    Seven Tracks and More than 60 Conference Sessions
2)    Experience Oracle HCM Cloud for Yourself at Hands-on Labs
3)    Exhibitors and Partners together
4)    Network and Fun: “Night at the Museum” event at Chicago’s famed Field Museum. Feast your eyes on enticing exhibits that include “The Greeks,” “Restoring Earth,” “The Ancient Americas,” and “Inside Ancient Egypt.” You’ll also be able to feast on Chicago-inspired dishes!
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With a concluding note on this journey, I sign off for now:

“Either you win or you learn!” Hence, keep your journey going!
“Be Positive and Kind. May God Bless…”
-Jagat Nirupam Avashia

Kun Faya Kun (Berklee Indian Ensemble cover)

Students of Berklee College

Performed at the Symphony Hall in Boston, this video is a proof that music has this magical power of stitching people from different races and nationalities together in one single thread.

या निज़ामुद्दीन औलिया,
या निज़ामुद्दीन सलक़ा
क़दम बढ़ा ले
हदों को मिटा ले
आजा ख़ालीपन में, पी का घर तेरा
तेरे बिन ख़ाली, आजा, ख़ालीपन में
कुन फ़याकुन, कुन फ़याकुन
फ़याकुन, फ़याकुन
जब कहीं पे कुछ नहीं भी नहीं था
वही था, वही था
वह जो मुझ में समाया
वह जो तुझ में समाया
मौला, वही वही माया
कुन फ़याकुन, कुन फ़याकुन
सदक़ अल्लाह उल अली उल अज़ीम
रंगरेज़ा रंग मेरा तन, मेरा मन
ले ले रंगाई चाहे तन, चाहे मन
सजरा सवेरा मेरे तन बरसे
कजरा अंधेरा तेरी जलती लौ
क़तरा मिला जो तेरे पर से
ओ मौला
कुन फ़याकुन
कुन फ़याकुन
सदक़ अल्लाह उल अली उल अज़ीम
सदक़ रसूलुहुन नबी उल करीम
सल्ल अल्लाहु अलइहि व सल्लम….
ओ मुझपे करम सरकार तेरा
अर्ज़ तुझे, कर दे मुझे, मुझसे ही रिहा
अब मुझको भी हो, दीदार मेरा
मन के मेरे ये भरम
कच्चे मेरे ये करम
लेके चाले है कहाँ
मैं तो जानूं ही न
तू है मुझमें समाया
कहाँ लेके मुझे आया
मैं हूँ तुझमें समाया
तेरे पीछे चला आया
तेरा ही मैं एक साया
तूने मुझको बनाया
मैं तो जग को न भाया
तुने गले से लगाया
अब तू ही है ख़ुदाया
सच तू ही है ख़ुदाया
O Nizamuddin Auliya
O Nizamuddin Salqa
Take a step fro
Erase your limits
Come into the void, the house of your lover
It is empty without you, come into the void
O bestower of hue…
Kun fayakun, kun fayakun, fayakun, fayakun
Be! And it is
And it is
And it is
When no where was there anything at all
He was there
He was there
He who fills me
He who fills you
The Lord – he is that very treasure
Kun fayakun, kun fayakun
Sadaqa Allahu ‘l-Aliyu ‘l-Adhim
Be! And it is
Be! And it is
Thus said verily Allah the Grand, the Great
Dye my body, my mind, O he who dyed the cosmos
Take the colour from my body, my mind, if you so please
The bright morning rains on my body
The black darkness is your burning flame
Bring me to a drop from your door step
O Lord
Kun fayakun, kun fayakun
Sadaqa Allahu ‘l-Aliyu ‘l-Adhim
Sadaqa Rasuluhun Nabiyu ‘l Karim
Be! And it is
Be! And it is
Thus said verily Allah the Grand, the Great
Thus said verily His Messenger, Prophet of the Kind One
Salla Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam…
May peace be upon him…
Your grace is upon me, O Master
I entreat you, release me from myself
Give me clear vision of myself
These delusions of my heart
My shallow actions
Where are the taking me?
I’ve not a clue
You fill me
Where have you brought me?
I fill you
I follow at your heels
I am merely your shadow
Created from you
I was unable to please the universe
But you embraced me
Now, only you remain, my Lord
Only you are true, my Lord


© આ બ્લોગમા રજૂ થયેલી કૃતિઓના હક્કો (કોપીરાઇટ) જે તે રચનાકાર ના પોતાના છે. આ બ્લોગ પર અન્ય રચયિતાઓની રચનાઓ મૂકવામાં આવી છે તેને કારણે જો કોઇના કોપીરાઇટનો ભંગ થયેલો કોઇને જણાય અને તેની મને જાણ કરવામાં આવશે, તો તેને તરત અહીંથી દૂર કરવામાં આવશે. Disclaimer : This blog is not for any commercial purposes. The entries posted on this blog are purely with the intention of sharing personal interest.