KaLa Beda Kola Beda


Vishwaguru Basavanna was a great revolutionary who established spiritual democracy called “Anubhava Mantapa” in the 12th century in India (Anubhava Mantapa – which is also called as the “FIRST PARLIAMENT CONCEPT OF THE WORLD”. Its lead by Saint Allamprabhu), and gave practical solutions to all kind of problems mankind was suffering at that time. His teachings are time tested, scientific and proven. Basava-Tatva is never ending inspiration to achieve the welfare of mankind. Basava vachanas.

Kalabeda, kola beda, husiya nudiyalu beda
Muniya beda, anyarige asahya padabeda
Thanna bannisabeda, idira haliyalu beda
Ide antaranga shuddhi, ide bahiranga shuddhi
Ide namma koodala sangamanolisuva pari.

Translation in English:

Don’t rob, Don’t kill, Never ever lie
Don’t get angry, Don’t think negative about others
Don’t self describe, Don’t tease others
This is the way of self-respect, this is the way to get respected by the world.
This is the way of impressing my lord Koodala sangama deva.

Ullavaru shivalayava maaduvaru nanenu madali badavanayya
enna kale kamba dehave degula shirave honna kalasavayya
koodala sangamadeva kelayya sthavarkkalivuntu jangamakkalivilla

Translation in English:

The rich will make temples for Shiva. What shall I, a poor man, do?
My legs are pillars, The body the shrine, The head a cupola of gold.
Listen, O lord Koodala Sangama deva, things standing shall fall, but the moving will never perish.

Famous slogan of Basavanna… “Kaayakave Kailaasa” Meaning “Work itself divine heaven”.

Original Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basava_Jayanthi


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