time has a scent
that’s quite different
from bitter lemon zest
to cool peppermint

like that of sidewalk chalk
heavy rains keep washing off
time comes in many colors
beyond that on the box

sampling a taste
pouring out in waves
time is a surgeon
set to operate

is a makeshift shelf
where life’s books are held
to one day be read
by somebody else

time is all of these
among many other things
but most of all
time is the cruelest of thieves

Mike Hauser


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A few days
Every few weeks,
These scars speak to me
From the heart,
Broken not by love,
But for life

The surgeon’s knife
Xacted a reprieve
From end untimely
To new beginning.

And time’s no longer
An orphan ignored
But the treasured child,
Finite virtue extolled;

Like the mariner of truth,
She lies on wings
Of fate;

Bypassing clots
And coroners;

That scars might speak to me
A few days more,
Every few weeks.

~ P

Atheist Apologia

When the surgeon closes the blinds
When the plane shakes
When your kid is late
When another voice answers your lover’s phone
When you wake up and can’t move
When your team is losing
When you can’t reach their hand
When the baby has a fever
When the train rattles
When the doctor talks to your family
When entering a dark room
When your lover forgets
When class won’t end
When someone falls
When you can’t afford milk
When class won’t end
When the car slides
When breath slides
When                     When


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