The Life Tree

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Oh, my human race,
How, we were born,
In the Universe of near infinity,
Are we alone?

I was seeking answer for the great
Question of creation, weighing heavy
My mind as I am in seventieth orbit
Around sun, my little habitat, the star
Where my race living, lived billions of years
And will live billions of years, till the sun shines.
This is the millennium question of humanity,
And sought the help of our creator.

On the eventful day, I was flying
The earth below me, the human habitat
Vanished in the white river of cloud,
Silent, turbulent free everywhere the divine
Splendour reflecting.
On the above, the full moon with its magnificent might,
My heart melted, my friend co-passenger
Vidyasagar joined in the heavenly display.
The beauty entered into our soul
And blossomed happiness into our mind and body.
We the humanity bowed to the heavenly answer,
We are not alone, billion of billion lives
Of various forms spring in the planets of
Galaxy after galaxies.
Then the dawn of divine message.

There was the divine echo in the full moon night
From my creator.
Shaken, bewildered and wondered
The echo engulfed me and my race
“You, the human race is the best of my creation
You will live and live.
You give and give till you are united,
In human happiness and pain.
My bliss will be born in you
Love is the mission of humanity,
You will see every day in Life Tree
You learn and learn
My best of creations.”
Beautiful morning it was,
Sun radiating, driving away the clouds
Parrots and Kokilas were at their musical flight
We the yellow heaven group entered
Flower garden of Asiad
Roses were in their splendour
Radiating beauty in White and Crimson
Bowing to the dawn of sun
We walked and walked, our feet on the green
Meadow giving velvet touch,
Children somewhere ringing in unison in their innocence
Peacocks in the background giving beautiful display.

There was a majestic scence of Life Tree
Cluster of tall and straight Nag Phali grove
Undaunted to the sun rays direction
Multi layered, each flower plant bubbling with life,
We approached very close to the happy plants
Astonished to see the nature?s wonder.
Bottom layers have shed the flower all around the sand
Whereas mid layer flower blossomed
In number to the magnificence
Perfume radiating, beauty all around
Honey bees filling the flower bed, mutual love flowing
Intoxicated with the scene, we looked at the top layer
Ring of the buds about to blossom
And new layers at their birth.

Again the great divine echo enters all around us
Flowers blossom, radiate beauty and spread perfume
And give honey. On the eve of life
Flowers silently fall to the earth, they belong.
Oh my creation this is mission of human life
You are born, live life of giving
And bond the human life
Your mission is the Life Tree.
My blessings to you my creation.

Oh my human race!
Let’s sing the song of creation.

Me and my friend Prof. Vidyasagar travelled together by air between Hyderabad and Delhi. Our plane flew through the sky surrounded by milky white clouds. The grand scene moved our souls. Thereafter, when we were walking at the Asiad Village Complex, the layers of branches and flowers of Nagphali tree soaked our souls with a divine experience. I was provoked into writing ‘Life Tree’.

~ A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


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