My Garden ~ Phoenix of life ~


1. My garden smiles,
Welcoming the spring,
Roses, beautiful roses,
With fragrance and beauty,
Ringing tunes of the honey bees
Lovely scene, everywhere
My garden smiles.

2. The enchanting scene entered into me
blossomed happiness in my body and soul.
Variety of roses,
Presiding the dynamic scene,
With pleasant fragrant breeze,
My garden smiles.

3. All the roses blossomed towards the sky
It was a miracle to see.
A pleasant beautiful voice
Echoed from rose family,
O’ my friend, look at the sky,
I saw the miracle of
The shining moon in formation
And the powerful venus very close
To each other belonging to the our galaxy.

– A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam Quotes for Students

~~~ Phoenix of life ~~~

Life is a phoenix,can rise from the ashes
Presents a future at challenging situations
This altar of ashes is fountain of new life
War was thrusted,martyrdom shined
Memories of soldiers ignite beauties of life
Phoenix is a metaphor of life in action
Ashes remind us to celebrate greatness of those lives.

– A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

(Dr. Kalam wrote this poem to mark his visit to the Tomb of Unknown Soldier at Moscow
where the ashes of the martyrs of second world war Russian soldiers are kept.Seeing the
newly wed Russian couples getting themselves photographed at his memorial, the
President wrote this poem.)



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